Hand Vacuum Pumps

Mityvac provides hand vacuum pumps that meets your needs, whether you’re buying it for fluid transfer, brake bleeding, engine diagnostics, windscreen repair, or any of the hundreds of additional uses.

Hand Vacuum Pumps with Gauge

A hand vacuum pump with a pressure gauge allows the operator to see the vacuum level as it is being made. This is particularly relevant in fields where a precise level of vacuum is essential, such as in medicine and science research.

Information About Hand Held Vacuum Pumps

Automotive repair, HVAC maintenance, and laboratory work are just a few of the many uses for hand vacuum pumps. They can be used to check for leaks, empty fluids from containers, or remove air from brake lines or AC systems.

In order to evacuate a system using a hand vacuum pump, the user must first connect the pump to the system with a hose or adaptor. Next, you run the pump to make a vacuum while keeping an eye on the pressure using the gauge. After a sufficient vacuum has been created, the pump is taken out of the system and a seal is put in place to keep the vacuum from escaping.

As a whole, hand vacuum pumps are convenient tools that may be used in a number of situations and won’t break the bank. However, they might not be appropriate in other settings, such as those that need a particularly high vacuum or constant operation.